Pittsburgh Comicon Preparation


Time to put my advertising and graphic design skills to the test and begin campaigning myself this summer. Pittsburgh annual comicon convention is only a few months away and the guest artist list is filling up fast! This will be my first appearance as a guest artist for 2013 Comicon so this will definitely be an experience.

Here is the line up of what to expect for my merchandise list at the convention


Lately I have been reading into online tips for how to make a great selling at a tabling convention such as comicon. Tabling at your first con has great tips for new comic sellers that really helped me out! In a nutshell here are a few tips I got from it:

#1 Don’t Just Sit There – be engaging! bring people over to look at your work!

#2 Labels.Labels.Labels – if a person has to ask you how much something is, then your table may not be organized enough

#3 Give Sales! – think like a customer, you love it when your favorite store offers Buy 1 get one free. They will too!

Hope these help any other amateur artists out there! Let me know how it works out for you!

About the Pittsburgh Comicon

The Pittsburgh comicon originally started in 1994 and now has grown into a well known comic convention! Comic super star Stan Lee has made regular guest appearances at the con as well as other notable television and movie influences such as the original cast of the 1978 Dawn of the Dead. While most of its participants sell comic related merchandise and collectors books there is also a large audience of cosplayers, fantasy artist and craft designers. Each year the Pittsburgh comicon has a charity ball which allow artist to enter their artwork into an auction. The money gained from the auction is donated towards charity foundations, local museums and food banks. In 2012 over $15,000 was donated towards the Make-A-Wish foundation marking last year’s comicon its best year ever!


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