Social Media + Questions = Success

blog04_doodleWhat happens when you suddenly start using social media correctly? Great things happens. Your questions get answered, your feedback is valued by another individual on the other side of the internet and you begin to build an online presence.

I won’t claim to be a professional or a social media guru; I’m still learning my way around being an active member of useful information on the internet myself. But I can share with you all what I have found through my social journey.

I used to think that if I sent a short email asking how one was able to get the job they have now, it would go unanswered. To my surprise people are actually more than happy to give you an answer to your questions if you have one!

It all began when I sent a note to the user Shoomlah on DeviantArt better known as Claire Hummel, visual designer and illustrator (whose most recent work happens to be a few character designs for Bioshock Infinite). I wanted to know how her transition from illustrating student to professional illustrator within the game industry occurred.  What I received was a long, well-thought note that answered all of my questions and then some. One huge piece of advice that she gave me was to establish an online presence. Since then I have slowly building my audience on Deviant-Art, LinkedIn and Twitter.

When I started using my Twitter again I decided I need to start fresh and focus on a topic that describes myself and my interests. Art and design related topics are the only things I post about which will attract only other individuals that appreciate those topics. This is the first step to building an audience. Reading Mashable’s article about using twitter effectively really helped me revamp my tweets!

As for LinkedIn I was very surprised to see how helpful people can be! I joined a few groups that I had real interest in such as Comic Book Business for Creators and Creations. I made a discussion post asking for  advice that could help me with tabling at my first Comicon and within 24 hours I already had 3 responses! Even now I am still getting valuable pieces of advice to help make my first Comicon an amazing one!

While using social media to make yourself known can be time consuming and at times really difficult I would say to keep going. It never hurts to ask a question, so if you want to know how someone was able to do something, go tweet them! You never know, they might just tell you.


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