Comicon Prepartion: Tips from the Regulars!


Last week I mention in Social Media + Questions = Success that I made a Linkedin discussion board asking advice on tabling for Comicon. Well here is the fruit of my labor! I’ve received so many responses and connections now from the discussion post and they are still coming! I’m very happy that experienced comic vendors were to be so kind as to give me awesome advice for my first time. It never hurts to ask right?

I’m going to provide a nutshell of what tips that I received so that I can pass the information onto someone else in need of comicon help!

TIP #1 – Quality over Quantity!

Although having a variety of materials at your table is necessary you should make sure your items are of the highest quality. Selling merchandise with known grammatical errors or noticeably cheap materials will damage your creditably and make it less likely that your items will sell.

TIP #2 –  Table Organization

People need to be able to navigate your merchandise when making a purchase! Leaving a pill of things on a table and sticking a “for sale” sign doesn’t make the buyer’s job any easier. Your table will look less attractive and jut plain confusing. Take the time and really make it easy to find your items and how much they cost.

TIP #3 – Vendors License

An overlooked precaution. Some Comicon’s require you to have a valid vendors license for selling material either at your booth or at the dealers section. While everyone may not be checked for this you should ask the event holders ahead of time if this is necessary. That way should you need to show that you will be safe!

TIP #4 – Bring a reliable friend

You can’t go to the Comicon and expect to be able to run the table by yourself. You need a friend. A good friend. Like one studying to be an accountant. You will get hungry or need to use the restroom or maybe you will want to visit another artist’s table to make connections. Whatever the reason you will need to leave your tabel at some point and you will need a representative to “hold down the fort” until you return. It’s also rude to ask the other artist around to watch your table while you go do something else. Don’t be that guy. Bring a friend.

Everyone has been extremely helpful and I can’t thank them enough for offering their tips! I hope to make my first Comicon the best weekend ever. Even if it doesn’t turn out the way I want it, It’s going to be so much fun. Definitely a birthday weekend to remember :3


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