Paper or Plastic?

Batch of Keychains

For the Pittsburgh Comicon I wanted to have chibi key chains of my original characters and popular characters but it turns out that I had to recalculate my plan. At first I was going to follow niaro’s tutorial on DeviantArt to make double-sided laminated key chains. Everything went perfectly fine until it was time to laminate…I purchased 3 mil laminate instead of the recommended 5 mil.

I did some hunting around on the internet and found that while laminated key chains are cheaper for the buyer and creator the durability of the product isn’t worth the trouble. Eventually any laminate will curl or tear with time and as a key chain it has an even shorter life expectancy.

Following advise from my former supervisor from my past internship at the VA hospital I decided to make shrinky dink keychains. Because I will be making multiples of different characters I am going to buy Grafix Inkjet 8.5 x 11 shrink film paper. Not only will these be durable but also tend to look more professional. I found an awesome tutorial if anyone else would like to give it a try!

I think this is the better route to go for Comicon and can’t wait to get started on baking my creations!


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