Progress Report 01: Comicon Event

Crunch time begins now! There is a total of 27 days until the Pittsburgh Comicon in Monroeville! It has been a crazy 3 months preparing everything to be made but I’m really happy with the results so far! I didn’t do everything alone though, I had a lot of advice from veteran comcion goers from LinkedIn, pre-press preparation from my supervisor of my past internship and great service from the local printing company Trust Franklin Press! Here are some works in progress of the merchandise for the event! Enjoy! Have any questions of how something was made, leave me a comment below !

IMG_20130831_180838 IMG_20130831_180850  581750_3325415710840_1597128859_n 1011554_3325415630838_1964270457_n 1150889_3325415670839_1616673588_nIMG_20130831_180914


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