More Work Doodles

I seem to be the most productive during daylight shift. This is what happens when I get all my duties finished 🙂



2 thoughts on “More Work Doodles

  1. Wow, these are brilliant! I absolutely love your style… it’s wonderful, ant translates beautifully into pencil. I don’t know how you manage to make your figures look so soft and serene. Do you use graphite? I tend to use mechanical pencils, and while I feel they allow for control over detail, they cause my line work to look much harsher than yours.

    Sorry for gushing such compliments, you’re really pretty fantastic 🙂 Thanks for liking my picture by the way – it lead me to your beautiful blog!

    1. Oh wow thank you so much for gushing!! I just thought your picture of the Flash was absolutely adorable ^_^

      As for my doodles they are a hodgepodge of regular mechanical pencils, pens and regular #2 pencils. In other words office supplies. When I’m not at work then I have a bit more to choose from.

      I like using mechanical pencils when I’m lining sketch work for watercolor paintings for portrait drawings. I tend to use the graphite pencils for shading. I really appreciate you visiting me! I will continue to visit your blog too!

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