Pablo Thursdays Ep1: Meet Pablo & Elsa


Pablo’s Diary:

Me llamo Pablo! This bowl is so roomy and OH! look I have a wonderful little plant. Oh! I have neighbors too? Why does that It get to have the lamp? Is it time to eat yet?

Elsa’s Journal:

The nerve of my owners placing me inside this bread box of a fishbowl. I deserve to have the biggest bowl out of all of the Betas! That’s it…I shall go on a hunger strike until I get what I deserve! Why is Pablo so active…he must have an attention span disorder…

It’s Journal:

I…am King. The lamp only shines upon me.

Pet Owner’s Observation:

Pablo is incredibly active for a Beta… and seems to know the meaning of a full stomach. Elisa refuses to eat his pellets and hides behind his “No Fishing” sign. I could be mistaken…but I think Elisa has bowl-envy. It, seems to have a superiority complex. Why are all my pets either incredibly intelligent or incredibly stupid…


Pablo is, well you guessed it a fish. But not just any fish; Pablo is my pet Beta fish and Elsa (also a Beta) is my roommate’s fish. The third fish named “It” is an adult Beta. We have come to realize that our pets seem to have distinct personalities and as such we found it appropriate to create a web comic world for them to live in. These are the digital memoirs of our pet fish coming to you every Thursday. Leave some of your funniest pet moments in the comments below, I’d love to hear them!


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