Pablo Thursdays Ep2: Bowl-Envy



The day has finally come! My owners have finally realized that I require a bowl of great size in order to be pleased. Looks like I will be ending my hunger strike now. And I want to servant snails too! Don’t forget the plant!


Oh my gosh I have a plant! Its a really big plant…I don’t know if I like this…Is that food?


It seems that I will be leaving my temporary kingdom shortly to return to own home.

Pet Owner’s Observation:

Elsa is a bratty beta, it took a bigger bowl, 2 snails and a plant to satisfy this fish! Now Elsa greets me for 5 seconds before returning to hide in his plant. Pablo is well…adjusting to the new recent changes in plant-bowl dynamics. Maybe I should have gotten him something a bit more graceful. “It” is finally going home to its original owner. It was nice having you!


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