Pablo Thursdays : Ep.3 “It’s” Homecoming


It: …And so I have returned to my natural environment. I see the human has not caught on to the hamster’s plot. I believe that they will soon succeed in their master plan making an even more annoying sounds during normal sleeping hours.

Frick: I can’t WAIT to run on the wheel again….I think I’ll go do it now. I wonder how fast I can go…I BET I can go even faster if I put my bedding in my wheel.

Frack: Yes brother….add the bedding in the wheel. This is good. Very  good.

Pet Owner’s Observation:

I’ve woken up to the lovely surprise of finding hamster bedding all over my work space due to the genius idea of them running on the wheel with bedding inside. I swear they just plot my demise when I’m not looking…

Have a funny pet story? Leave me a comment I’d love to hear it!


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