Pablo Thursdays: Ep.4 Meet Dashy


Pablo: How did I get here again exactly? I remember being in a fish container at Pet smart…or was it Petco… And now I’m here in this huge plant filled bowl! With a snail and food deliveries by air! I wonder what animal was here in the before time…. Oh well, I want some more food. Hola senoritas! Tengo hambre y quiero la comida!

Elsa: Pablo is an idiot. Did I mention he’s an idiot? Anyways over hearing the owners apparently an aquatic puppy by the name of Dashy use to inhibit this useless counter space. Not entirely sure if its a dog…or a fish…I’m sure its nothing frightening

Meanwhile at the Pet Owner’s other house…

Pet Owner’s Observation: I don’t understand this, I bought this thing 33 Fish, 10 snails and a few shrimp and more than 3/4 of EVERYTHING is gone. Why don’t you get a turtle they said, it would be slow they said. At this rate she’s going to become Godzilla…

Dashy: The life of a turtle is not what it seems. Due to pop culture beliefs I am assumed to be slow, independent and boring. WELL, I’ll have you know that I am a home decorator and frequently move my assorted aquarium  rocks during sleeping hours. I enjoy fine dinning such as snails or frog legs. And I am certainly not slow by any means. You take me out of this tank and I’ll show you how slow you all think I am.


Meme time!

Have a stubborn turtle who enjoys being outside their tank? You should get a turtle tracking device! As demonstrated in this meme you will never lose your turtle again.
Pablo Thursdays is not responsible for any lost turtles, damaged balloons or fingers nor sells this product.


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