Pablo Thursdays: Ep. 6 The Special


Pablo:  Ever since I saw The Lego Movie I feel like my life has more meaning other than eating food! I think that I could even be “The Special….”. I came up with my own original thought! “Si Food” It’s what you say when you “see” food! Like it? I’m not sure why but every time I say that Elsa and his snails look at me weird…

Elsa: Pablo is crazy and believes that he’s “The Special”, whatever that means. Oh he’s “special” alright. I almost have the heart to tell him that seafood has already been invented and if he keeps annoying me he’ll be the main course…

Servant Snails:  (In French) We believe that the royal blue is planning to sells us as a meal for his “seafood” idea….

Pet Owner’s Observation: Pablo keeps swimming around his fish bowl in circles as if he’s begging for more food. Elsa seems indifferent to this…Elsa’s snail are acting weird, they keep trying to slowly leave the bowl. What the heck is going on with them?


Have a funny pet story? Leave it down below I’d love to hear it!


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