Pablo Thursdays: Ep. 7 Friendship



I think me and Elsa are finally starting to bond and become really good fish-mates! He doesn’t always say much but when he does it’s always something funny! Now if Elsa could only love food as much as I do this would be the perfect amigo!


Lord give me strength. I can’t stand Pablo’s absent-minded behavior. It’s completely ridiculous. I mean seriously who thinks about food at all hours of the day?! Even when I insult him he just smiles and dances around his tank. Obviously someone doesn’t understand sarcasm. But…It is nice having someone to talk to…I guess.

Pet Owner’s Observation:

Pablo and Elsa fight like a married couple. They’ve become an odd pair of friends. I guess its true, opposites attract. In this case we have an idiot and arrogance…


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