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Pablo Thursday: Ep. 14 Easter Eggs



Ay Mis Dios! It’s the holiday where little bunnies hide eggs! Oh? What’s that Elsa? There’s more to the story??


Let’s just say that I had quite a time explaining the FULL story of easter to Pablo…I think he only paid attention because I mentioned “The Last Supper”…

Pet Owner’s Observation

Happy Easter Everyone!


Pablo Thursday Ep. 13 “The IRS”



So what’s all the talk about April 15th? What happens on April 15th? Elsa told me that something called the IRS needs to have these things called taxes. I wonder if the IRS makes food at all? How come they take all the taxes? I want some taxes too!


I hate having to explain things from the human world to Pablo, I really do. Too bad the IRS can’t take Pablo way for tax evasion…hmmm…

Pablo how do you feel about making a fake identity?? It will be fun….and taste good…

Pet Owner’s Observation

Is it just me or are the fish staring at my 1099 Tax forms…I think I need to get rest. Thankfully tax season is over…

Pablo Thursdays: Ep. 12 “Let it go”



Elsa is finally living up to his name! I knew it wouldn’t be too long until he decided to sing the YOLO song! It’s a tad bit darker than the original though. Oh well artistic expression I suppose. I think I’ll do my cover about food: “Eat it all, Eat it all, Eat all the food you can!


I can’t get this song out of my head so I decided to make my own version. It will take months before Pablo realizes that I’m singing about him…

Pet Owner’s Observation

Elsa is more lively than usual today, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so animated. I wonder if this has anything to do with me putting on the AC. I guess Elsa is living up to his name, the cold doesn’t bother him anyways.

Pablo Thursdays: Ep.4 Meet Dashy


Pablo: How did I get here again exactly? I remember being in a fish container at Pet smart…or was it Petco… And now I’m here in this huge plant filled bowl! With a snail and food deliveries by air! I wonder what animal was here in the before time…. Oh well, I want some more food. Hola senoritas! Tengo hambre y quiero la comida!

Elsa: Pablo is an idiot. Did I mention he’s an idiot? Anyways over hearing the owners apparently an aquatic puppy by the name of Dashy use to inhibit this useless counter space. Not entirely sure if its a dog…or a fish…I’m sure its nothing frightening

Meanwhile at the Pet Owner’s other house…

Pet Owner’s Observation: I don’t understand this, I bought this thing 33 Fish, 10 snails and a few shrimp and more than 3/4 of EVERYTHING is gone. Why don’t you get a turtle they said, it would be slow they said. At this rate she’s going to become Godzilla…

Dashy: The life of a turtle is not what it seems. Due to pop culture beliefs I am assumed to be slow, independent and boring. WELL, I’ll have you know that I am a home decorator and frequently move my assorted aquarium  rocks during sleeping hours. I enjoy fine dinning such as snails or frog legs. And I am certainly not slow by any means. You take me out of this tank and I’ll show you how slow you all think I am.


Meme time!

Have a stubborn turtle who enjoys being outside their tank? You should get a turtle tracking device! As demonstrated in this meme you will never lose your turtle again.
Pablo Thursdays is not responsible for any lost turtles, damaged balloons or fingers nor sells this product.

Pablo Thursdays : Ep.3 “It’s” Homecoming


It: …And so I have returned to my natural environment. I see the human has not caught on to the hamster’s plot. I believe that they will soon succeed in their master plan making an even more annoying sounds during normal sleeping hours.

Frick: I can’t WAIT to run on the wheel again….I think I’ll go do it now. I wonder how fast I can go…I BET I can go even faster if I put my bedding in my wheel.

Frack: Yes brother….add the bedding in the wheel. This is good. Very  good.

Pet Owner’s Observation:

I’ve woken up to the lovely surprise of finding hamster bedding all over my work space due to the genius idea of them running on the wheel with bedding inside. I swear they just plot my demise when I’m not looking…

Have a funny pet story? Leave me a comment I’d love to hear it!

Progress Report 01: Comicon Event

Crunch time begins now! There is a total of 27 days until the Pittsburgh Comicon in Monroeville! It has been a crazy 3 months preparing everything to be made but I’m really happy with the results so far! I didn’t do everything alone though, I had a lot of advice from veteran comcion goers from LinkedIn, pre-press preparation from my supervisor of my past internship and great service from the local printing company Trust Franklin Press! Here are some works in progress of the merchandise for the event! Enjoy! Have any questions of how something was made, leave me a comment below !

IMG_20130831_180838 IMG_20130831_180850  581750_3325415710840_1597128859_n 1011554_3325415630838_1964270457_n 1150889_3325415670839_1616673588_nIMG_20130831_180914

Comicon Prepartion: Tips from the Regulars!


Last week I mention in Social Media + Questions = Success that I made a Linkedin discussion board asking advice on tabling for Comicon. Well here is the fruit of my labor! I’ve received so many responses and connections now from the discussion post and they are still coming! I’m very happy that experienced comic vendors were to be so kind as to give me awesome advice for my first time. It never hurts to ask right?

I’m going to provide a nutshell of what tips that I received so that I can pass the information onto someone else in need of comicon help!

TIP #1 – Quality over Quantity!

Although having a variety of materials at your table is necessary you should make sure your items are of the highest quality. Selling merchandise with known grammatical errors or noticeably cheap materials will damage your creditably and make it less likely that your items will sell.

TIP #2 –  Table Organization

People need to be able to navigate your merchandise when making a purchase! Leaving a pill of things on a table and sticking a “for sale” sign doesn’t make the buyer’s job any easier. Your table will look less attractive and jut plain confusing. Take the time and really make it easy to find your items and how much they cost.

TIP #3 – Vendors License

An overlooked precaution. Some Comicon’s require you to have a valid vendors license for selling material either at your booth or at the dealers section. While everyone may not be checked for this you should ask the event holders ahead of time if this is necessary. That way should you need to show that you will be safe!

TIP #4 – Bring a reliable friend

You can’t go to the Comicon and expect to be able to run the table by yourself. You need a friend. A good friend. Like one studying to be an accountant. You will get hungry or need to use the restroom or maybe you will want to visit another artist’s table to make connections. Whatever the reason you will need to leave your tabel at some point and you will need a representative to “hold down the fort” until you return. It’s also rude to ask the other artist around to watch your table while you go do something else. Don’t be that guy. Bring a friend.

Everyone has been extremely helpful and I can’t thank them enough for offering their tips! I hope to make my first Comicon the best weekend ever. Even if it doesn’t turn out the way I want it, It’s going to be so much fun. Definitely a birthday weekend to remember :3

Pittsburgh Comicon Preparation


Time to put my advertising and graphic design skills to the test and begin campaigning myself this summer. Pittsburgh annual comicon convention is only a few months away and the guest artist list is filling up fast! This will be my first appearance as a guest artist for 2013 Comicon so this will definitely be an experience.

Here is the line up of what to expect for my merchandise list at the convention


Lately I have been reading into online tips for how to make a great selling at a tabling convention such as comicon. Tabling at your first con has great tips for new comic sellers that really helped me out! In a nutshell here are a few tips I got from it:

#1 Don’t Just Sit There – be engaging! bring people over to look at your work!

#2 Labels.Labels.Labels – if a person has to ask you how much something is, then your table may not be organized enough

#3 Give Sales! – think like a customer, you love it when your favorite store offers Buy 1 get one free. They will too!

Hope these help any other amateur artists out there! Let me know how it works out for you!

About the Pittsburgh Comicon

The Pittsburgh comicon originally started in 1994 and now has grown into a well known comic convention! Comic super star Stan Lee has made regular guest appearances at the con as well as other notable television and movie influences such as the original cast of the 1978 Dawn of the Dead. While most of its participants sell comic related merchandise and collectors books there is also a large audience of cosplayers, fantasy artist and craft designers. Each year the Pittsburgh comicon has a charity ball which allow artist to enter their artwork into an auction. The money gained from the auction is donated towards charity foundations, local museums and food banks. In 2012 over $15,000 was donated towards the Make-A-Wish foundation marking last year’s comicon its best year ever!