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Pablo Thursdays: Ep. 11 “Fish Fry”



I saw Senor Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and finally knew what my calling was in life! Other than eating food of course. I even ordered all the electrical stuff to make my creature move! Elsa says I shouldn’t bring those materials into my bowl. I don’t see why not…


Someone needs to tell Pablo that everything he sees on TV is not his calling in life. I can’t talk him out of bringing spark plugs and batteries into the tank. If you can’t beat them join them they say. Therefore feel free to stop by during Pablo’s Fish Fry event for Lent. Pablo’s not very big so first come first serve…

Pet Owner’s Observation

I’m not sure how my battery and spark plugs got so close to the fish bowls but I think I’ll be moving these now. That could end very badly for them.