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Pablo Thursdays: Ep. 12 “Let it go”



Elsa is finally living up to his name! I knew it wouldn’t be too long until he decided to sing the YOLO song! It’s a tad bit darker than the original though. Oh well artistic expression I suppose. I think I’ll do my cover about food: “Eat it all, Eat it all, Eat all the food you can!


I can’t get this song out of my head so I decided to make my own version. It will take months before Pablo realizes that I’m singing about him…

Pet Owner’s Observation

Elsa is more lively than usual today, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so animated. I wonder if this has anything to do with me putting on the AC. I guess Elsa is living up to his name, the cold doesn’t bother him anyways.


Pablo Thursdays: Ep. 10 Defeat the Hans!


Pablo: So my calling for joining King Triton in the ocean didn’t work out too well. Turns out you have to feed yourself and any nobody got time for that. So I decided to enlist in Shang’s army in China to defeat the Hans! Now I’m either suppose to be going to China or  Arrendale…Who ever has the most food wins!

Elsa: Will someone please tell the stupid fish that Disney’s Mulan happened ages ago. There is no Hun army to defeat! Nor is there a Hans to defeat; Anna took care of that already. Sigh, this is going to be a long day.


Pablo Thursdays: Ep. 8 Part of your World



I saw the most wonderful world on TV the other night! Turns out I actually belong in this place called the Ocean and my ruler is King Triton! How neat! I was going to pack up my things and leave but it turns out there aren’t designated eating times so I will have to pass. It’s funny the brochure didn’t mention anything about becoming self-sufficient.


I just spent half the night explaining to Pablo that not everything on the TV is real and that Disney movie’s should not serve as his way of understanding life. Hopefully he won’t discover Finding Nemo. I have a funny feeling he might try to escape when are bowls are getting cleaned.

Pet Owner’s Observation

Pablo seemed really interested in the Little Mermaid last night; I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so active. Something tells me he thinks that might have been what life is like outside the fish bowl…Oh boy. Better not put on Finding Nemo then…

Pablo Thursdays Ep1: Meet Pablo & Elsa


Pablo’s Diary:

Me llamo Pablo! This bowl is so roomy and OH! look I have a wonderful little plant. Oh! I have neighbors too? Why does that It get to have the lamp? Is it time to eat yet?

Elsa’s Journal:

The nerve of my owners placing me inside this bread box of a fishbowl. I deserve to have the biggest bowl out of all of the Betas! That’s it…I shall go on a hunger strike until I get what I deserve! Why is Pablo so active…he must have an attention span disorder…

It’s Journal:

I…am King. The lamp only shines upon me.

Pet Owner’s Observation:

Pablo is incredibly active for a Beta… and seems to know the meaning of a full stomach. Elisa refuses to eat his pellets and hides behind his “No Fishing” sign. I could be mistaken…but I think Elisa has bowl-envy. It, seems to have a superiority complex. Why are all my pets either incredibly intelligent or incredibly stupid…


Pablo is, well you guessed it a fish. But not just any fish; Pablo is my pet Beta fish and Elsa (also a Beta) is my roommate’s fish. The third fish named “It” is an adult Beta. We have come to realize that our pets seem to have distinct personalities and as such we found it appropriate to create a web comic world for them to live in. These are the digital memoirs of our pet fish coming to you every Thursday. Leave some of your funniest pet moments in the comments below, I’d love to hear them!