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Pablo Thursday Ep. 13 “The IRS”



So what’s all the talk about April 15th? What happens on April 15th? Elsa told me that something called the IRS needs to have these things called taxes. I wonder if the IRS makes food at all? How come they take all the taxes? I want some taxes too!


I hate having to explain things from the human world to Pablo, I really do. Too bad the IRS can’t take Pablo way for tax evasion…hmmm…

Pablo how do you feel about making a fake identity?? It will be fun….and taste good…

Pet Owner’s Observation

Is it just me or are the fish staring at my 1099 Tax forms…I think I need to get rest. Thankfully tax season is over…

Pablo Thursdays: Ep. 12 “Let it go”



Elsa is finally living up to his name! I knew it wouldn’t be too long until he decided to sing the YOLO song! It’s a tad bit darker than the original though. Oh well artistic expression I suppose. I think I’ll do my cover about food: “Eat it all, Eat it all, Eat all the food you can!


I can’t get this song out of my head so I decided to make my own version. It will take months before Pablo realizes that I’m singing about him…

Pet Owner’s Observation

Elsa is more lively than usual today, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so animated. I wonder if this has anything to do with me putting on the AC. I guess Elsa is living up to his name, the cold doesn’t bother him anyways.

Pablo Thursdays: Ep. 11 “Fish Fry”



I saw Senor Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and finally knew what my calling was in life! Other than eating food of course. I even ordered all the electrical stuff to make my creature move! Elsa says I shouldn’t bring those materials into my bowl. I don’t see why not…


Someone needs to tell Pablo that everything he sees on TV is not his calling in life. I can’t talk him out of bringing spark plugs and batteries into the tank. If you can’t beat them join them they say. Therefore feel free to stop by during Pablo’s Fish Fry event for Lent. Pablo’s not very big so first come first serve…

Pet Owner’s Observation

I’m not sure how my battery and spark plugs got so close to the fish bowls but I think I’ll be moving these now. That could end very badly for them.

Pablo Thursdays : Ep.3 “It’s” Homecoming


It: …And so I have returned to my natural environment. I see the human has not caught on to the hamster’s plot. I believe that they will soon succeed in their master plan making an even more annoying sounds during normal sleeping hours.

Frick: I can’t WAIT to run on the wheel again….I think I’ll go do it now. I wonder how fast I can go…I BET I can go even faster if I put my bedding in my wheel.

Frack: Yes brother….add the bedding in the wheel. This is good. Very  good.

Pet Owner’s Observation:

I’ve woken up to the lovely surprise of finding hamster bedding all over my work space due to the genius idea of them running on the wheel with bedding inside. I swear they just plot my demise when I’m not looking…

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