Pablo Thursday: Ep. 14 Easter Eggs



Ay Mis Dios! It’s the holiday where little bunnies hide eggs! Oh? What’s that Elsa? There’s more to the story??


Let’s just say that I had quite a time explaining the FULL story of easter to Pablo…I think he only paid attention because I mentioned “The Last Supper”…

Pet Owner’s Observation

Happy Easter Everyone!


Pablo Thursday Ep. 13 “The IRS”



So what’s all the talk about April 15th? What happens on April 15th? Elsa told me that something called the IRS needs to have these things called taxes. I wonder if the IRS makes food at all? How come they take all the taxes? I want some taxes too!


I hate having to explain things from the human world to Pablo, I really do. Too bad the IRS can’t take Pablo way for tax evasion…hmmm…

Pablo how do you feel about making a fake identity?? It will be fun….and taste good…

Pet Owner’s Observation

Is it just me or are the fish staring at my 1099 Tax forms…I think I need to get rest. Thankfully tax season is over…

Pablo Thursdays: Ep. 12 “Let it go”



Elsa is finally living up to his name! I knew it wouldn’t be too long until he decided to sing the YOLO song! It’s a tad bit darker than the original though. Oh well artistic expression I suppose. I think I’ll do my cover about food: “Eat it all, Eat it all, Eat all the food you can!


I can’t get this song out of my head so I decided to make my own version. It will take months before Pablo realizes that I’m singing about him…

Pet Owner’s Observation

Elsa is more lively than usual today, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so animated. I wonder if this has anything to do with me putting on the AC. I guess Elsa is living up to his name, the cold doesn’t bother him anyways.

Pablo Thursdays: Ep. 11 “Fish Fry”



I saw Senor Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and finally knew what my calling was in life! Other than eating food of course. I even ordered all the electrical stuff to make my creature move! Elsa says I shouldn’t bring those materials into my bowl. I don’t see why not…


Someone needs to tell Pablo that everything he sees on TV is not his calling in life. I can’t talk him out of bringing spark plugs and batteries into the tank. If you can’t beat them join them they say. Therefore feel free to stop by during Pablo’s Fish Fry event for Lent. Pablo’s not very big so first come first serve…

Pet Owner’s Observation

I’m not sure how my battery and spark plugs got so close to the fish bowls but I think I’ll be moving these now. That could end very badly for them.

Pablo Thursdays: Ep. 10 Defeat the Hans!


Pablo: So my calling for joining King Triton in the ocean didn’t work out too well. Turns out you have to feed yourself and any nobody got time for that. So I decided to enlist in Shang’s army in China to defeat the Hans! Now I’m either suppose to be going to China or  Arrendale…Who ever has the most food wins!

Elsa: Will someone please tell the stupid fish that Disney’s Mulan happened ages ago. There is no Hun army to defeat! Nor is there a Hans to defeat; Anna took care of that already. Sigh, this is going to be a long day.


A Designer Never Stops Learning


So I recently graduated in December and committed myself to job hunting for about two months straight. I was ruthlessly applying to jobs with positions like “Graphic Designer, Visual Designer and UX Design”. After two months of not receiving call backs I started to reevaluate my work. I went to professors, friends and family to give me feedback on my résumé. I went to job fairs and resume building events on campus and spent a good week and a half redesigning it.

I started applying again to jobs only to receive emails along the lines of, “your résumé is really impressive however your skills do not exactly match our needs”. This was actually great news because now I know that my résumé is top-notch and my portfolio is lacking. So the redesign process began again: ruthlessly revising my portfolio, playing with hierarchies and organization of projects. Including more case studies and excluding meaningless projects. Revising past projects that could use more polishing and looking at projects on Behance for inspiration.

I started reading more design blogs and reaching out to the authors to tell them my appreciation. Little did I know that I had inadvertently started networking with these bloggers. There isn’t a particular end to this story; I’m still job hunting, I’m still creating independent projects and I’m still working with design teams to create great things. I’m still learning. Everyday I try to learn something new because well designers never stop learning.

P.S. This month’s agenda is to learn front-end development, become fluent in spanish and revise a past UI/UX Project.

Pablo Thursdays: Ep. 8 Part of your World



I saw the most wonderful world on TV the other night! Turns out I actually belong in this place called the Ocean and my ruler is King Triton! How neat! I was going to pack up my things and leave but it turns out there aren’t designated eating times so I will have to pass. It’s funny the brochure didn’t mention anything about becoming self-sufficient.


I just spent half the night explaining to Pablo that not everything on the TV is real and that Disney movie’s should not serve as his way of understanding life. Hopefully he won’t discover Finding Nemo. I have a funny feeling he might try to escape when are bowls are getting cleaned.

Pet Owner’s Observation

Pablo seemed really interested in the Little Mermaid last night; I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so active. Something tells me he thinks that might have been what life is like outside the fish bowl…Oh boy. Better not put on Finding Nemo then…

Pablo Thursdays: Ep. 7 Friendship



I think me and Elsa are finally starting to bond and become really good fish-mates! He doesn’t always say much but when he does it’s always something funny! Now if Elsa could only love food as much as I do this would be the perfect amigo!


Lord give me strength. I can’t stand Pablo’s absent-minded behavior. It’s completely ridiculous. I mean seriously who thinks about food at all hours of the day?! Even when I insult him he just smiles and dances around his tank. Obviously someone doesn’t understand sarcasm. But…It is nice having someone to talk to…I guess.

Pet Owner’s Observation:

Pablo and Elsa fight like a married couple. They’ve become an odd pair of friends. I guess its true, opposites attract. In this case we have an idiot and arrogance…